The European Dog Show Rules

Rules for the European dog show are implemented and enforced by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).  The FCI nurtures its own judges who are trained in various European languages that include German, English, Spanish, and French. Among the duties of the organization is to facilitate a beauty championship where exemplary dog owners are awarded for species that are outstanding in terms of breed and gender.

 This organization ensures that the owners move around Europe for shows with specific adherence to the vaccination and identification policies. For instance, dogs that have been vaccinated have to be easily identified through microchips that are placed on the animal’s body. Different countries have varied policies in regard to dog shows.

 The policies are based on the types of cages, movement from one region to another among other factors. Much of this information is sought from kennel clubs where documentations are done in form of brochures, magazines and books.

European Dog Show 2016 B.I.S.

European dog shows are sufficiently regulated. The rules are divided into various categories which include

  • General Provisions

Among the FCI demands under this category is that the show must be held within 3 days. The breeds of dogs to take part in the competition ought to be recognized by the FCI. Before the breeds are allowed to take part, there are rigorous steps that FCI undertakes to establish that they are captured in the Appendices of the FCI Stud books. The initial requirement is that dog owners have to register with FCI as contract partners or members in order to limit the conflicts that arise during the show. The last rule under this category is that dog owners must have effectively guaranteed the welfare and health of the dogs, which is treated by FCI as an element of highest priority.

  • Registry

This category requires that owners avail the rightful documentations that inform the show facilitators about the dog’s details. Some of the documentations include puppy’s cards, a copy of the dog’s breed which has to be stamped by a vet from a recognized animal clinic. The copy confirms that a dog participating in such competition is vaccinated and does not pose any danger to other participants. Another document is a form of entry where the owner of the dog fills the details and finally signs against it. If the owner fulfills the requirements, he will be asked to make payments where he is issued with a receipt.

Registration periods are governed by strict deadlines and failure to meet them will amount to loss of the participating chance. The dog show takes place in various classes that include the Champion class and the Working Class. It is the duty of the dog owner to select the class in which the dog will feature. They may also change the class in case of any unfavorable occurrences as long as they fall within the deadline.

  • Titles and Awards

 The European dog show has a tradition of awarding best performing breeds according to the FCI regulations. The results are released by stewards who are situated in the rings. The winners are issued with certificates and the records are kept in the Diploma. Some of the awards include;

  1. European Winner of the Year
  2. Puppy European Winner
  3. Junior European Winner
  4. Veteran European Winner
  • Rights and Conduct of the Exhibitors

 The FCI requires that dog owners must not make any transactions concerning the sale or buying of dogs within the area of the competition. They must refrain from any form of mistreatment of the animals. The owners are prohibited from inducing any substances that will change the behavior of the dogs. This regulation is related to the one that restricts the owners from using products that will change the color of the dogs.

European dog show 2016

 Once the exhibitors access the area of the show, they should not take any alcoholic drinks or smoke cigarettes. The FCI also demands that owners should behave in an ethical way while addressing the judges. Advertisements are not allowed unless they have been authorized by the facilitators. Dogs must be well attended to, implying that the cages have to be cleaned and placed in designated areas and the animals provided with necessary medications. In the event that these rules have been broken, the owners suffer withdrawal of certificates. The dogs will not be allowed to participate in the event.

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