Dog Fence in European Dog Shows

European dog shows are events where various dog breeds compete against each other, and the judges’ decisions are based on performance criteria such as obedience, agility, herding, gait, attitude or tracking. Other factors considered include; the dog’s size, bone structure, musculature, coat, teeth, and movements. Most of these shows feature more than 10,000 dogs and with around 30,000 visitors who stroll to watch these spectacular events. But how exactly do the event’s planners ensure that the dogs remain in the track designated for their parade? It’s not a secret that indoor dog potties are commonly used nowadays in dog shows. No one wants to step on dogs natural things during competition. Most of these shows prefer using invisible fences to keep the dogs within the defined areas during the show. Better still, most of the dogs that participate in these shows usually have undergone reinforcement training where electronic training devices are used to correct certain behavior such as hunting or chasing.

Dog fence in european dog show 2016

Electric Dog Fence in European Dog Shows

Most trainers use electric dog fences to give off-leash freedom to the dogs allowing them to run, play and have access to the yard during potty breaks. And even better, these fences are convenient for use in shows since they can cover a large area without causing a physical distraction to the trainers and the judges during the talent events. Unlike physical fences, electric fences are quite affordable and easy to install. It is, however, advisable for any dog owner or trainer to complete the training program provided by the company offering the devices to ensure that your pup understands the regulations and how he can avoid the shock. This will also help avoid the development of fear, anxiety, and aggression.

But we have to acknowledge the fact that there have been heated debates on the use of these fences with those for the use and the opponent having concrete points; which is very okay to have varying views. And in case you are a dog owner who is not yet conversant with the term ‘invisible fence’ then, it is fair to provide insight.  For starters, this fence features an underground wire that is installed in a designated location, and it emits a signal through the collar worn by the dog producing a beeping warning. If the dog proceeds to move crosser to the boundary line, the collar shocks your pup. With time, the dog learns where the boundary line lies and trains it to stay in the designated location.

A higher number of dogs that have won top positions such as; European winner, Puppy European Winner, Junior European Winner, and Veteran European Winner among other titles have undergone vigorous training some through the use of electric collars which ensures that they are not stranded during the shows. More so, since these events are business and a way of life, it is essential to ensure that the owners do not lose their dogs.

Advantages of Using E-Collar and Electric Fences in European Shows

  • They deliver a precisely controllable intensity
  • Relatively affordable
  • Preferred by trainers since they are aversive enough to correct an undesirable behavior
  • Their long term risk is minimal when compared to other punishing techniques

Whenever you are planning to enroll for the European dog show, make sure that you have undergone the basics with your dog’s trainer to prevent your dog from getting frustrated by the new discipline enforcement during the show where he is required to stay within a designated area. And since the fences are invisible, he might not ascertain when to stop crossing a certain location. More so, the e-collar can act as a tracking device for your dog incase he get lost among the huge crowds of people who come to watch the shows.

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